Belts 1My belts are made with quality, strong, durable, bridle leather.  Made with box loops to make them different from other belts on the market. No two are the same as the pattern on the loops is made by hand.

Prices start from £25

1″ wide – £25

1 1/4″ wide – £30

1 1/2″ wide – £35

However, they can be custom made so if you would like a narrower or wider belt then that’s all dandy too!

To measure for a belt, run a tape through the belt loops of your trousers (while wearing them!). Keep the tape tort. this measurement is the length I would make the middle hole so you have movement of several inches both sides, unless you ask for an alternative.

Or you can measure your existing belt like this:



How to measure your current belt to make sure you order the correct length:
Measure from where the leather goes around the buckle to the hole that is used most.
I can use that length for the middle hole so there will be holes shorter and longer
to give you maximum adaptability.


Please call or email me and we can discuss your requirements.